Briefe von Student*innen

Ich wollte nur mal sagen, es macht echt Spass bei Dir Unterricht zu bekommen, sowohl musikalisch als auch menschlich :)

-- Simon Schellnegger, 17.3.2014

Ein Meisterkurs von Georg Hamann, Mitglied des Aron Quartetts, beeindruckte Rui Hashiba so, dass sie beschloss, ihm nach Wien zu folgen. "Er ist bis heute mein großes Vorbild."

-- Rui Hashiba (Interview Kleine Zeitung Kärnten 21.02.2013)

I was just practicing and noticed how my sound and technique has changed since the lessons we had during my short stay in Vienna. I want to thank you so much and I wish there would be another chance!

-- Eri Kuga Park (Violine) 14.05.2013

...und danke für alle Weisheiten und Kenntnisse, was du mir in den Stunden gegeben hast.
Ich kann es jetzt sehr gut nützen und weiter geben

-- Mag. art. Katalin Kiss 23.11.13


I don't know, all the people who had the biggest influence on my life, I saw it from the first moment , really! I think, it's because you see, because you don't judge, because you help by maintaining silence, only; because you believe in values that are good, because you, you are good..

Sepideh Nikoukar, Teheran 2012


Thanks for being such a wonderful person and teacher!

Nicolas Arguello, Bogotá 2012


Lieber Georg,

vielen Dank für deinen unglaublich inspirierenden, motivierenden, kreativen, fröhlichen, vielseitigen und reichhaltigen Unterricht, deine unschlagbare Geduld & Verständnis und dein unermüdlich herzliches Engagement!

Das Jahr ist viel zu schnell vergangen, aber ich werde noch lange davon zehren…

Alles Liebe & Gute,


Stephanie Probst, USA 02. 07. 2010

This week has been incredible, I like so much working with you and it would be fantastic if I could do that every week...You can not imagine how much you have helped me during this week and I want to thank you very much for this...

-- Ioana Luca (Viola), Musikuniversität Cluj, Jerusalem 2006

“I hope Your journey home was successful. Thanks for Your advices and wonderful atmosphere in the lesson :) It was really very interesting and useful. So all the best to You and hope to play to You again one day :) Monika”

-- Monika Mikalajunaite (Viola), Litauische Musikakademie, Vilnius Mai 2006

„Hi Georg,
Apropos Kurse, unterrichten etc.: Der Tipp, den Du mir einmal gegeben hast, die seitliche Streckung der Finger der linken Hand zu trainieren, war Gold wert…!
Besten Dank, David“

-- David Arroyabe (Violine), Mai 2006

“Dear Prof. Hamann,It was nice to have lesson with you. It was really useful and it would be nice to work with you again! Thank you and good luck, Aiste”

-- Aiste Mikalauskaite (Viola), Litauische Musikakademie, Vilnius Mai 2006

“Dear Georg,It was a pleasure to work with you even for a short time. I made a few changes that you’ve recommended and it sounds now the very way I like. I’m very thankful. Best wishes, and I hope to see you in future. Monika“

-- Monika Urbonaite (Viola), Litauische Musikakademie, Vilnius Mai 2006

“It was a pleasure for us to work with you. Just a pity, that there was not enough time. Hope there will be soon a possibility to meet you next time!”

-- Dovile Sauspreiksaityte (Viola), Litauische Musikakademie, Vilnius Mai 2006

"I appreciate so much your significant lessons in Nagano last summer!"

-- Mariko Koshino (Violine), Nagano 2005

"I wanted to thank you again for showing me another perspective in music and for taking your time to listen to my playing."

-- Ioanna Luca (Viola), Musikuniversität Brasov, Rumänien Mai 2005

"Wegen Leuten wie dir ist es trotz allem schön, Musik zu studieren! War ein echt cooler Abend gestern!"

-- Markus Pfandler (Klavier, Gesang), Musikuniversität Wien, Juni 2003

"Lieber Georg,für Deine freundschaftliche Hilfsbereitschaft, Deinen wertvollen und hilfreichen Unterricht und Dein unaufdringliches aber fundiertes musikalisches Vorbild möchte ich Dir ganz herzlichen Danken."

-- David Arroyabe (Violine), Musikuniversität Wien, März 2003

"I was very surprised that you and Herr Müller are so kind and friendly, because I have never been praised in my university from my teacher and in his lesson I was always very nevous. .. I look forward to see you again, by then I will master what you taught me. Perhaps I need time to master that. I would like to thank you for your kindness in spite of you had so hard schedule. I will never forget your "Schubert Sonate" that I listened to in Ueda!"

-- Nozomi Horii (Violine), Ueda 2002

"It was wonderful meeting you this summer and most enlightening having lesons with you. Since then many things have changed in my playing and my approach as well as appreciation of music."

-- Lina Tsaklanganos (Viola), New York, Bad Leonfelden 2002

"I enjoyed your lesson and thank you for the concert. This is good experience and memories. Everyone was deeply moved by your kindness!!"

-- Yuko Kiyooka (Violine), Ueda 2001

"Rückblickend waren diese zwei Wochen - dank Deines Engagements - für Christoph und mich "das" Highlight dieses Sommers!"

-- Maria & Christoph Hohensinn (Violine/Viola), Bad Leonfelden 1998

"Thank you very, very much for your viola seminar! I don't know how to express my gratitude. I could learn so many things from your lecture. I realized how my musical ability is. There were many kinds of things to happen to me for 4 days. But above all I'm very glad that I could have a chance to meet you, listen to your sound and have your lessons. Your lesson made my image of the Hoffmeister concerto much richer! I was very surprised that I could play more easily than before. I had a piece of music that I almost gave up, but you changed my mind only in two days. You have a miracle power! ..

-- Noriko Shimura (Viola), Ueda 1996